More is More

When I was growing up (yes, I believe that was in the past…) I wanted to be an astronaut, a gardener, a  teacher, a hairdresser, a ballerina, a tennis player, a fashion designer, a painter, a veterinary, a singer, and I can’t remember anything else… But I guess that’s enough 🙂 In the end I chose to be a graphic designer, but I play the guitar and sing in the shower and in the car, and have a small garden in the backyard, and I cut my own hair, and my boyfriend’s hair, and my girlfriends hair also, and I draw, and paint, I have tennis lessons, and have a cat and a dog, and I have my own sewing machine where I did already some experiences in designing clothes, and I dance… so I guess that leaves out being an astronaut and a teacher (even though I love looking at the stars). Why do we have to choose to be just one thing? Being more and doing more increases the chances of being happy doing those things 🙂

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  1. It would be pretty boring just being one thing. I am a gardener, musician, writer, cook, nanny, semi professional bike rider, doctor, artisit and a not to shabby with a sewing needle.

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