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Care for some tea? Well, tea nowadays is my favorite drink, I usually don’t drink water (yes I know I should…) but I just don’t feel like it during the day,.. or the night. My ‘body’ asks me for tea, I give it tea. I usually do what my ‘body’ asks me too. I think we should listen more to us. water vs tea. Battle won! I can drink tea even when outside is crazy hot and I still feel like drinking hot tea. Maybe I’m chinese ๐Ÿ™‚


One of my best friends is getting married this Summer and I still have to find The Dress for it. The wedding theme is ’50s rural chic’ which sounds real fun to do, but I still didn’t find anything that fits this idea of mine of “The Dress”. I’m still thinking of making the dress myself, but I found that a bit risky, but I really wanna do it, even if I don’t know if I have the TIME to do it, besides the knowledge… In the end if this crazy idea doesn’t work I have a vintage dress in the closet which will look good, not great, but good but I still have to loose a few pounds… Why can’t we women be more simple about these things… I guess men don’t spend months thinking what are they going to wear at their friend’s weddings… right?

This weekend was my sister’s birthday, and I ate a lot of cake, a lot of popcorns, and lots of other good things. Saturday, sunday…eating, eating, having a great lunch, going to take a nap at the beach, going to the movies, eating… that felt amazing and it was a lot of fun โค I love you big sister but this week I have to pay for this last weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s start the week with a smooth diet and continue the exercise plan for my second marathon! Let’s!

Time is money so ‘they’ say, but right now, I feel that time is needed for rest, and do certain things that just make me happy. I need time for me, time to be with my friends, with my family, with my pets, and with my Love. Time to learn gardening, and plant some herbs in our backyard, not just to pick up the old petals ย fallen from our rose trees… we are still learning but convinced that one day we’ll have the ‘TIME’ to do it better ๐Ÿ™‚

Washing, ironing, cleaning… in a house with a cat and a dog, chores at home seem endless… There should be a magic wand like in the fairy tales that by waving it all dirt would disappear, ‘They’ invent so many things and haven’t yet invented something like this, I wonder why?!



Nowadays writing letters to friends is just forgotten in time. I never received LOTS of letters, but I used to receive some, from friends in vacations, and other parts of the world. But now I guess that is lost in time, texting and emailing are the digital substitutes of real paper letters, and we all know that isn’t the same thing right?

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