Monthly Archives: September 2012

Is never too late to say “I’m sorry”… these simple words can make such a difference in someone’s life. Today I was blessed with a pleasant surprise and it felt good. Not everybody is capable of saying these simple words that sometimes are so hard to say…


Friday… do I need to say more? 🙂

Ok, got back from my special vacations (…vacations are always special…no need to mention that I guess 🙂 and it’s time to hit the gym, well…not really a true gym, because I exercise outside by myself or with a friend, or my boyfriend, so in the sense of I HAVE TO START to loose some of the weight I put on my holidays… Does this happen to everyone?  My scale isn’t telling me what I wanna hear right now…

What an amazing feeling, arriving from a lovely wedding this weekend… Even though I don’t really feel like working now, I’m just too tired and happy. It was the best and most beautiful wedding I ever attended (and it wasn’t even my own :), but the feeling of being able to help making and constructing my friend’s wedding was of great fulfilling. Lets hope from this point forward, all weddings I attend are like this one!

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