Monthly Archives: May 2013

Spring is Here :)

They say it’s going to be the coldest Summer in 200 years, I heard someone saying. But do you believe that this news is capable of ruining the joy of the sun and the warmth of the Summer, no way jose!

Enjoy life, no matter what the forecast weather man says 🙂 Enjoy beach summer days with friends and family, because that is one of the best things Summer has to offer.

So we’re cool about that, don’t worry 🙂

Enjoy the Sun!


Today I had the courage to change my profile intro, by stating to me and to the world, that I no longer have the company of my nineteen year old dog Queenie (my first dog). It hurts but I have to accept that it's the way life is... I have the company of my two cats now, Dune and Blackjack, and I think I'm becoming a cat lover, something that I would never thought I would be. As I always considered myself as being a dog person... Well, I guess I'm both, I have enough love for every specie on Earth...well, maybe except bugs...sorry.

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