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So says my boyfriend 😉 I’m starting to enjoy more and more the illustration ‘universe’, it was something that I wasn’t particularly (in the beginning of my graphic design journey) interested. But now, I’m finding that it brings me a lot of happiness when something like this turns up.

Hope you enjoy it!

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It seems where looking at those images that we need to find the differences 😛 Well, in these ones we can see what’s the difference! A big fat difference called Dune…my lovely nosy cat that wants to check everything I’m doing, even in the middle of my homey photo shoots ❤ Isn’t she lovely ❤

living room

As you can see by the photo, my living room is often the place where I do my (completely amateur) photo shoots for my Etsy shop. I like to take advantage of the afternoon light that jumps trough the windows and makes the room bright and sunny, ready for a ‘great photograph’ 🙂 The thing is…after the photographs the room is always a mess, crazy things that I pick up from all over the apartment and that appear on the photos that are everywhere…as well and cats running around to see what’s going on there…so here’s the result! The after photo shoot 🙂

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