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Designing animals can be a lot of fun 🙂 Right now, I’m working on a series of animals to create a hole dedicated SERIES for Children/Baby/Nursery 🙂 I’m currently inspired because these are going primarily to my baby’s nursery next June 😉 Hope you enjoy!



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So they say… that Cafe del Mar’s in Ibiza has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world… We’ve been there, a must see when touring trough Ibiza’s most tourists spots, and yes it was nice, crowded and one thing happened that I’ve never seen before in my life: people applauding when the sunset was over 😛 What? OK… it was nice, but I never saw this happening… maybe we should do that everyday 🙂 Applaud to the Sun, and why not to the Moon, now that we are in a mood for applauding to the Stars and Planets and Suns 🙂

What do you think?


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I found a friend today 🙂 A friend that I haven’t seen since college (I guess I sawhim somewhere in between…I can’t quite remember when). But a long time has passed. And suddendly there he is. Welcome 🙂

Feels good to find a friend again.


Do you have any thoughts on what you’re doing this Valentine’s day?

Or are you one of those people that simply doesn’t like this day and think that it’s just a “stupid pure commercial take advantage of in love people’s day”…

If you’re not, what are you thinking of doing?

• having dinner at a special new place that your Honey is just not expecting at all

• giving him/her a present dedicated to the love theme

• doing nothing and stay and watch TV like a brocoli

• you just simply don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend and go out with your friends just because you don’t like to stay at home this particular day, remembering that you still haven’t found the love of your life

• you eat all the ice cream in the world while playing candy crush and swearing that that level is just impossible to achieve

• prepare him/her a surprise trip to Paris, the most romantic city in the world

• go out dancing with your neighbor

• dinner and movies – the most classic take on Valentine’s day

Well, we just have to wait and see which one is it going to be…and if you’d like, add a few more options to this list… 😉

As long as you have FUN ❤


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