Great Songs


Once again, I would prefer to not be writing this Post.. in memory of one of the greatest music genius of the twentieth century, Prince. He was of great value to the music industry and to several artists who benefited from his great creativity. When I heard that he composed his first music when he was 7… OMG that is something amazing and rare, I believe. So here’s to you, Prince.


SPACEODITTY-ATo me, Space Oddity is a mesmerizing almost hypnotic song… I could listen to this song for a month (and I guess I did, for my boyfriend’s insanity…) that I just couldn’t get tired of it. I believe it’s a work of a genius, and so that genius is gone, but his Art lives forever, with us Everyday. Let’s remember him for the creative being he was and how he touched every one that enjoyed his music in a way few did.

So long Major Tom.


This is My tribute to this wonderful song that I love and used to sing a lot when I was little and even recorded it with my father in his inhouse recording music sessions. (My father is a guitarist…) so me and my sister used to sing a lot and he recorded some songs that we liked back then, and we had some long recording sessions, sometimes too log for young children to bear 🙂 I might add. But it brings me good memories. Enjoy the music!

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